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Child & Family Team and the Individual Service Plan

Caring Partners uses a Child Family Team approach in helping families. This means that we look to develop the strongest team available to meet the needs of your child. The Child Family Team works collaboratively in the development of an individualized plan.

Caring Partners believes that using a “team approach” is the most successful way of addressing your child’s needs. Your family and your Care Manager will work together to identify those people who play an important role in your child’s life in order to create your Child Family Team. The team will consist of different people who will work with you in the development of the best plan for your child’s care. Typically, a Child Family Team is composed of both natural and formal supports. Natural supports include individuals such as relatives, mentors, clergy, neighbors, and coaches who you have identified as able to make a positive impact in your child’s life. Formal supports may include therapists, teachers, probation officers, or other professionals who have been chosen to or have provided services to your family.

Together you, your child’s Care Manager and Child Family team will create a plan of care also known as an Individual Service Plan (ISP). This plan will serve as a road map which will guide you and your family’s care while working with Caring Partners. The plan is designed to help your family achieve both immediate and long-term goals. In the Child Family Team discussion, all life domains with be addressed. These life domains include the following:

  • Safety
  • Family
  • Emotional/Behavioral
  • Cultural
  • Finances
  • Legal
  • Living
  • Medical
  • Neighborhood
  • School
  • Social
  • Recreational
  • Spiritual
  • Vocational

The plan utilizes the strengths of all team members to address the child and family’s identified needs through the use of individualized strategies. The plan is tailored specifically to your child’s needs. Once the plan is developed by the Child Family Team, the plan is put into writing by the Care Manager in a Individual Service Plan and distributed to each member of the team. The needs, strategies and responsible members of the team are all identified in the ISP. Your first Child Family Team meeting will be held within 30 days of your child’s enrollment with Caring Partners and will be reviewed and updated by the Child Family Team within 75 days.

Your Child and Family Team meeting will be held at a time and location most convenient to you. Your Care Manager is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the Child Family Team meeting however, it is important that you assume an active and lead role in your family’s team meeting. We believe that you are the professional in your family and are most knowledgeable of your family’s needs. The plan developed during your Child Family Team meeting will specifically outline the services that you and your team have identified for your family. These will include services that Caring Partners may arrange through providers in our network and voluntary services available from your neighborhood and from family members and others. Please ask your Care Manager any questions you may have about your Individualized Service Plan.

Parent Participation in Caring Partners

In addition to the active role you assume in your Child Family Team, Caring Partners invites and strongly encourages you to actively participate in various other components of the organization. During or after your enrollment with Caring Partners, you may be asked to join a variety of groups, participate in meetings, or become involved in other extracurricular activities sponsored by Caring Partners. Some of these may include being involved with the Family Service Organization, participating in Quality Assurance Projects, or attending family picnics.