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Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc. is a non-profit care management organization. We work in partnership with children and their families to improve and expand services needed to maintain and stabilize children in their homes and communities. Caring Partners respects the diversity of those we serve and utilizes a variety of community-based alternatives to residential and psychiatric hospitalization.

Caring Partners Facts

  • Caring Partners is a Family Centered Organization
    This means that we view the family involvement as essential to your child’s stabilization. We are here to work in partnership with you and support you in meeting the needs that have been identified by your family.
  • Caring Partners Supports a Strengths-Based Philosophy
    We will focus on your child and family strengths and how they can help you meet your needs.
  • Caring Partners Values Cultural Diversity
    Caring Partners values and respects diversity in all of its expressions. Caring Partners employees come from diverse back-rounds and representative of the community we serve. All of our staff is skilled in working with children and families who have a variety of experiences and backgrounds.
  • Caring Partners Provides Individualized Service and Support to Children and Families
    All services provided by Caring Partners will be tailored to suit your child and family’s needs. We will work with you to develop a family service plan that is truly responsive to your individual needs.
  • Caring Partners Utilizes Community-Based Alternatives
    The goal of Caring Partners is to keep your child within the home and community. In doing so, we recognize the value of community based supports and resources such as relatives, neighbors, friends, neighborhood and religious organizations in the stabilization of children and their families.
  • Caring Partners is Easily and Always Accessible
    We offer 24-hour on-call coverage to assist you in the time of crisis. We can be contacted by phone any time there is a crisis in your family (refer to your contact sheet for emergency numbers).
  • Caring Partners Commitment to Children and Their Families
    Caring Partners utilizes a family-centered approach in helping families. This means that we focus on the strengths and needs of your family. Your child and family will assist the Care Manager through the Child Family Team Process to identify services that will allow you to continue to build upon identified strengths, while addressing the needs of your family. Caring Partners takes the position that securing service from your neighborhood and community is best. Sometimes the identified resources needed, can be found in your own family, in relatives, friends, and neighbors. It is our goal to assist families to build on their strengths and those of their communities, have their needs met through identified services, and to become and remain independent beyond their time with Caring Partners.


Your Child’s Care Manager

Every child referred to Caring Partners will be assigned a Care Manager who will be responsible for working directly with your family. The Care Manager will meet personally with you and your child to learn how they can help. The Care Manager’s first job is to listen to you: to learn your concerns, identify your issues, and acknowledge your strengths. Your Care Manager will work with you to make sure that the support you receive meets your child and family’s needs.

How it Works

Your assigned Care Manager will meet with you and your child within 72 hours after the first contact with your family to develop a Crisis Plan. This is an initial plan that addresses any immediate concerns regarding your child’s and family’s safety. The plan identifies specific ways of responding to a crisis situation and will provide emergency phone numbers of people whom you may contact in a crisis situation. Caring Partners offers 24-hour support to you and your child when there is a crisis. After this initial visit, your Care Manager will visit you or contact you at least once a week until the development of your 30-day Individualized Service Plan.


Caring Partners will keep information pertaining to your family and child strictly confidential unless it is information that may pose harm to your child or others. Information shared is only with your consent and is only for the purpose of obtaining services that will help your child and family. You are asked to sign an agreement at the start of the program that allows Caring Partners to share and or receive information from past providers/people who have assisted your family. All of the members of the Child Family Team are required to maintain this same level of confidentiality. Team members sign a confidentiality agreement before participating in the Individual Service Plan meeting.

Special Requests

  • If your child or a family member is in need of an interpreter, please ask your Care Manager to coordinate this service for you.
  • If you or a family member is disabled, Caring Partners will work to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.
  • Caring Partners uses providers from many different cultural backgrounds. We work to offer families a choice in the providers. Should you have any preference in receiving services with a particular cultural or ethnic orientation, please feel free to bring this to the attention of your Care Manager.


Caring Partners is committed to providing the best level of care to your child and family. However, if you are not satisfied with the services your child is receiving, we encourage you please take the following steps.

  1. Speak to your Care Manager and attempt to resolve the issue with him/her.
  2. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with your Care Manager or you are not satisfied with the outcome, please contact Care Manager’s Supervisor or the Director of Operations for Caring Partners. (See the attached contact sheet for the names and numbers of these individuals.)
  3. If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, please put your concerns in writing by completing a Corrective Feedback Form and forwarding it to the Director of Operations and The Chief Executive Officer. When you submit the complaint form you may request for a face-to-face meeting with the Care Manager, Care Manager’s Supervisor and Director of Operations to resolve the conflict. You will receive a blank copy of the corrective feedback form with your Family Handbook.